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Ali  Jenni



photo by Kelly Griffiths Photography


We're Ali and Jenni - welcome to our awesome, messy, wonderful life.

We met in Boston while we were both in college, and only had three months to date before I graduated and moved back home to California. Good thing it was love at first sight! After a year and a half of long distance, Ali moved over 3000 miles to move in with me! As of September 2021, we'll have been together for four and a half years. We each proposed to the other this summer! We began this website and our Instagram account about two years ago. We're so grateful for the supportive community and friends we have discovered through our social media presence.

There is no one way love is supposed to look, and representation is everything. Neither of us came out until we were adults, partially because we never saw femme lesbians in popular media. That's why we're here - to educate, inspire, and provide the representation we didn't have growing up. We'll be honest and real with you, sharing the triumphs and mess-ups as we build a life together. Thanks for joining us!


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