10 Reasons Why It's Great to Have Autism

(Not all of these apply to every autistic person, but they are often generally true!)

1. We are extremely passionate about our interests – we can delve deeper into subjects with more gusto than most neurotypical (NT) folx.

2. We are direct and honest – it’s hard for autistic people to withhold or cover up information. So if an autistic person tells you that your outfit looks great, you know we mean it!

3. We are detail-oriented and meticulous – we make fantastic employees and can see fine details that most people miss.

4. We have excellent memories – this comes in handy when I’m learning lines and song lyrics when I’m in a show!

5. We are less likely to be judgmental – based on the unique ways we process the world around us, and the fact that we’re often the ones on the outside of social circles, it’s rare to find judgmental autistic folx. We deeply understand what it’s like to be different, and don’t see that as reason to belittle someone.

6. We’re responsible and love routines – many autistic people are impeccably organized. If you need something done reliably, we got you covered.

7. We don’t play mind games – many autistic people (myself included) are baffled by NT folx’s choices to hide their real intentions. It’s just not something we understand well, so odds are we’re saying what we mean, no interpretation needed.

8. We aren’t tied to societal standards – more than anything, we’re focused on understanding each other. As I often say: as long as you’re not hurting anyone, it’s fine by me to do whatever you want. I care more about the kind of person you are than whether your choices are “acceptable.”

9. We tend to have a strong affinity with animals. Though some autistic people don’t like animals, a lot of us have this innate connection with them. No one really knows why, but it’s cool to feel like you really understand the animals around you.

10. We’re very creative – since we spend a lot of our lives figuring out how to modify or create ways to thrive, it’s easy for us to come up with innovative, imaginative ideas!

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