Five Lesbian Instagram Accounts Under 10k You Should Follow

We have only been part of the incredibly welcoming lesbian Instagram community for four months, and we've already made so many friends around the world! Here are just a few of our favorite accounts with under 10k followers that are not to be missed. Click on the photo or their names to be taken to their accounts so you can follow them (if you haven't already).

1. Mana & Ana

These two ladies live on Maui and always have the most amazing beach photos! Plus who can resist the pictures of the gorgeous Hawaiian sunsets? These two are so sweet, and we're hoping to visit them one day!

2. Jessica & Jenn

We love these two! These engaged beauties have been so kind to us. We love their adventurous side, which definitely shows on their account. And they're so cute together!

3. Ilana & Kris

These married ladies are seriously incredible - they're always finding the cutest photo spots and are wonderful LGBTQ+ advocates. They also have a blog (click here), where they share the cutest stories about their relationship.

4. Emily & Faith

These two tackle the big issues! They answer questions and work through heavy topics with a touch of humor, and they're super informative if you're new to the LGBTQ+ community! They also have a blog (click here) where they answer questions more in depth.

5. Chris & Alex

These gems are into puns, beer, and each other! They go on the cutest dates, and their posts are always entertaining. Plus, they're two of the nicest people we've met through Instagram so far.

Of course, there are many more accounts that we adore so much - maybe we'll do another roundup like this one in the future and feature even more of the wonderful ladies out there!

And - in case you haven't yet - here's the link to our Instagram so you can follow us, too!

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