Green Flags in Relationships

I saw a fantastic post going around Instagram from Tumblr (you can see it here) about green flags in relationships (as opposed to red flags). It's necessary to evaluate the warning signs in a relationship that's going south, but it's equally important to recognize when and why a great relationship is going well! I've made my own list of green flags below that apply to both my relationship with Ali and other healthy relationships out there.

Your partner is someone who...

1. Always respects when you say no to something.

2. Has found a healthy balance between putting you and themselves first.

3. If they're choosing between something that benefits them and something that benefits both of you, they'll choose the latter.

4. They treat their parents and your parents well.

5. They want to know about the things you love, even if you feel stupid for rambling about them.

6. They know the difference between tough love and boosting you up, and when you need which one.

7. They are aware of your love languages and are invested in learning how to love you best.

8. They want you to form friendships with other people - they aren't territorial about your time and who you're with.

9. If you're talking about marriage/taking steps to be more serious, they don't joke about you being a ball and chain/the marriage ending their fun years.

10. They recognize your mental illnesses and want to know how they can best help you, even if that means leaving you alone sometimes.

Comment below or dm us your additions to this list, or post your own! Whether it's describing the relationship you're in or the future relationship you want, recognizing green flags is just as significant as recognizing red ones!

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