Home Decor: Spring Edition

The last of Christmas has (finally) been put away, and the long, freezing California winter is slowing coming to an end (aka two months of 40-50˚F - I know we can't complain). As the temps creep up into the upper 60s, the trees begin to bloom and spring is on the way. There's always an empty feeling when the holiday decorations come down, and what better way to fill that void than with spring home decor! We went to Michaels and Target, and got a few things for the apartment to make it more colorful and fresh.

Yes, I know, flowers are an obvious way to go. But for me, nothing says spring like some quality fake floral accents! I'm also a huge fan of succulents (though I can't seem to keep them alive...) so we got a few faux ones as well.

I don't like things to be completely monochromatic, so the different shades of purple and lavender mixed in with the greenery was an obvious choice! When you're choosing faux flowers, making sure they don't look too plastic or uniform is key. Just like in nature, the fake florals should have variety in shape and color. Ali picked out this trio of succulents for me - the sweet little stone pot is adorable! Both of them are from Michaels.

Next up is our entertainment center. We are so obsessed with our glittery "please leave by 9" sign from Etsy; we keep it up all year round.

This "love grows here" sign is from my mom. It used to be outside my parents' house, and was pink, green, and purple. But I actually love it more now that it's weathered! The pale pink and different blue tones it's faded into are absolutely gorgeous.

On either side of the TV, we have mason jars filled with pink, peach, and white flowers - mainly roses. My parents have several rose bushes in the backyard, and this is like a little taste of that.

Underneath the TV, we have our "welcome" basket - which is actually from the fall decor collection at Michaels. It works perfectly all year, though! We have a little plant from Target as well.

On the couch, we have the perfect pillow for us. We constantly "fight" about who loves who more, and this double-sided throw pillow fits the sentiment exactly. Can you believe this was in the dollar section at Target?

On the shelving unit in front of our (very subtle) giant pride flag, we put out some lovely yellow roses that we found at Michaels. The blue glass vase is from Ali's parents' house in Philly.

We also have one more little Target succulent on our super cool side table/lamp/phone charger combo! I love metallics, so the gold pot stood out to me.

We agreed on this beautiful wreath as soon as we saw it at Michaels! Wreaths aren't just for Christmastime - a floral wreath is perfect to take you from spring into summer.

Next to our front door we have a (real!) peace lily gifted to us from Ali's stepdad, and an adorable turtle (courtesy of Petroglyph) painted by Ali that guards it and welcomes us home.

That's a wrap! Our house feels lighter and, well... springy! Most of our year-round home decor and furniture are neutral shades, save for our red living room rug, so we need our seasonal pieces to bring in the color the apartment would lack otherwise. I love seasonal decor so much because it's an easy way to change up the look of your house on a budget. Plus, it's so fun to pick things out together and then choose where to put it all!

Leave a comment telling us what you love most about spring, decorating your house, or both!

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