Long Distance Relationship Tips

People message us often, asking for advice for their long distance relationship. Ali and I did long distance for a year and three months, over 3000 miles apart. We met up every two months or so, and we finally broke the distance in August of 2018! Here are some quick, simple tips that will make the time fly by until you and your person can be together again.

1. FaceTime is everything! Even if it's just for 15 minutes, try to FaceTime or Skype every day to create a sense of routine. It's okay if you miss a day every once in a while. But having the catching up time as the rule, not the exception, makes all the difference. Ali and I could not imagine relying only on phone calls or letters to move a relationship forward while there was distance between us.

2. Be intentional with the time you do have. Since you have so little time together, via FaceTime or in person, it's essential to have a plan going into it. Even if the plan is to do nothing, being conscious of the preciousness of time will help maintain your relationship and - bonus - keep you from taking time with them for granted when you finally break the distance.

3. Date them while you're apart. Write letters for them to open later, play question and answer games, or have a movie night via rabb.it (an incredible site where you can message, video chat, and watch videos and movies simultaneously). Make sure they know they are cherished even when you're not physically together.

4. Learn their love languages. Quality time, physical touch, words of affirmation, gifts, and acts of service are 5 ways that people like to express and receive love. Figure out what works best for you together, and be diligent in playing towards their language(s) as often as you can.

5. Communication is key. It's said so often it's become cliché, but it's very true. Being over-communicative and not leaving things unsaid has been the foundation on which our relationship has been built. By sharing worries about the relationship, things the other person is doing that make you upset, as well as things that are working really well, create a relationship based in 100% trust - the only kind that lasts the test of time.

Have you done long distance before? Are you currently apart from your person? What are your go-to's when it comes to braving the distance between you? Tell us in the comments!

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