My Favorite Things - Summer 2020 Edition

Summer is finally starting to fade - the leaves are starting to change color, there's a little chill in the morning air, and there's a sense of anticipation. Ali and I always say that our "powers" are strongest in the autumn; it's just a season that fits our vibe. To celebrate the shift in season, here's a list of my five favorite things from summer 2020!

1. Morgan Harper Nichols - I discovered Morgan's Instagram this summer, and it changed my life. She's a singer/songwriter, artist, and poet, who combines her digital artwork with her moving words. It's like she knows exactly what you need to hear, and presents it to you in a beautiful little package. You can find her on Instagram and on her website!

2. Aquaphor - I actually started using Aquaphor back when I lived in Boston and was dealing with chapped lips and hands in the winter, but this heavy-duty moisturizer has come in clutch for another reason: mascne. That's right, the acne you get from wearing a face mask to limit your risk of getting Coronavirus. You can find it at pretty much any drugstore or department store, like CVS, Target, or Walgreens.

3. My "Home" Playlist - I work from home 99% of the time nowadays, and it's just me and the sleeping cat. I made this playlist of beautiful indie/folk songs I love to keep me company! It's perfect for this transition from summer to autumn.

Give it a listen on Spotify for free by clicking here.

4. Tarot Readings - I began doing tarot readings for myself earlier this year, but this summer I started doing readings for others! I have The Wild Unknown deck (click here), which I love because it has stunning illustrations and really meaningful prompts in the guidebook. I also like using it because it works for everyone, regardless of where you land on the spectrum between "this is magic and the Universe is trying to send me a message" and "there's no way this is magic, but the prompts help guide me to find my own answers." You can schedule a pay-what-you-can video chat tarot reading with me by sending us a message either here or on Instagram.

5. Fidget Toys - I currently have three fidget toys (one, two, and three) that not only help me with my autism and need to stim, but also help me focus. Fidget toys aren't just for people with autism or other neurological needs, they can aid anyone who needs help focusing and calming their hands and/or body.

Let me know if you try out any of these things! You can reach us by sending us a dm on Instagram or through the Contact page on this website. Happy (almost) fall!

xo Jenni

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