Poppy Update: Five Months In

As you probably know by now, we have a hamster named Poppy. She's five months now, and oh boy is she naughty. She loves to do everything she's not allowed to do: hanging from the wire lid of her enclosure, peeing in her wheel, and trying to escape every chance she gets. Here are some fun facts about Poppy's last four months.

1. Poppy only loves a few things. Here they are, from "pretty good" to "AMAZING": sunflower seeds, banana chips, spinach, running around in her ball, running around not in her ball, getting into the bathroom wall via a very tiny hole (which we blocked up after we got her out), and escaping into the apartment by herself in the middle of the night only to be found in the bathroom at 2:30am by someone who has to pee.

2. Poppy is a huge fan of Chrissy Teigen's cookbook, especially the front cover. Yum!

3. Poppy has developed a Hidden Mickey on her back and we're obsessed with it:

4. There is nothing cuter than Poppy using her seesaw...

5. Poppy has tripled in size since we got her, and she's STILL not full grown!

Even though we call her "Tiny Bad Girl" and "Supreme Tiny Buttface", we absolutely adore her! We love when she takes food from us and cleans behind her ears. She'll even sit on our shoulders and crawl around in our laps. We love Poppy!

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