We Got A Mouse!

Do you ever just spontaneously purchase a mouse? Because we sure did. Ali's preschool class raised caterpillars into butterflies, and the last one hatched with only a right wing. We named him Righty and kept him comfortable in our hamster travel cage with flowers and sugar water until he passed away about a week later. We took a quick trip to Petco to get some stuff for our hamster Poppy, and whenever we go to a pet store we love to look at the animals. Free zoo time, am I right? And inside the feeder mice tank (you know, the white ones with red eyes that get fed to snakes) was the sweetest little light brown mouse. He was like a Disney character! I kept going back to watch him. Ultimately, we decided to go home because we were acting out of grief (we almost got a beta fish that day as well). But we agreed that if we still wanted to get him at the end of the day, we could go back.

Well, we went back. We were weighing pros and cons the whole time, knowing that it would be more work to take care of him and Poppy. But he was just so cute, and the employees kept saying how it's so nice when people take them home to keep so they don't end up eaten by pet snakes. Most of the supplies we needed were already at home - hamsters and mice use the same bedding, food, toys, etc. and he could use anything we'd bought that was too small for Poppy. We named him Nacho Taco Despereaux - Nacho after the Spring Baking Championship winner, Taco because I kept calling him that by accident instead of Nacho, and Desperaux after The Tale of Despereaux!

When we got home with him, we second-guessed ourselves and even started looking for a family who could adopt him. We knew we weren't going to return him to the pet store to be eaten, but we couldn't believe we'd spontaneously brought home a whole entire animal. After getting over the initial shock, however, we knew we had to make him part of the family. We've only had him for a few weeks, and he has already proven to be the sweetest, most photogenic mouse in the world. Here are just a few of the best photos we've gotten of him so far:

Nacho loves to climb on our shoulders, bring snacks into his strawberry hut to munch on, and getting gentle cheek rubs.

Welcome home, Nacho!

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